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Be Polite with Android Broadcast Receiver

Performance, or ‘perf’ as all the cool kids now say, is a big topic in the Android world.  No matter how sleek your UX / UI, if your app is laggy or crashy, users will not be happy. Unfortunately, there is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zero to One

As an engineer I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life devoted to technical details.  For most of this time all I could tell you about business was what I’d learned in college: B-schoolers get to party on Thursdays … Continue reading

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Hackathon: Financial Literacy Summer Jam

A few months ago Chiu-Ki Chan approached me with the idea of starting up an intermediate level study group for Android Development, where members would work on open source projects together. I loved the idea! She even had a cool … Continue reading

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AnDevCon Boston 2015

I just got back from speaking about Accessibility at AnDevCon Boston, and I had a great time! AnDevCon has a really special place in my heart, because it was the first technical conference I attended to kick start my Android … Continue reading

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Quoted in Medium Post by Rachel Thomas

Last week I got a chat from a co-worker, “I assume you already know this, but you’re quoted in this article!” I was so excited, especially since I had seen the article floating around Twitter and had book marked it … Continue reading

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