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Droidcon UK 2015

I was super fortunate to speak at Droidcon UK this year in London, and I had an amazing time! My Talk Even though I’ve given the “same” talk on accessibility before, my talk actually changes every time I give it. … Continue reading

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Accessibility of Material Design

With the launch of Material Design at I/O 2014, Google made a bold statement that beautiful Android design is here to stay.  As a user I was excited to see some beautiful designs come to my platform.  As a developer, I was excited … Continue reading

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Start Using the Percent Support Library Right Meow!

Recently I learned about a SUPER awesome little library that you should consider adding into your projects: The Percent Support Library. This library allows you to specify a percentage value for layout width and height when you are using RelativeLayout or FrameLayout. … Continue reading

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