Me!Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Kelly Shuster, also known as Kio Krofovitch around the internet.  I’m a software developer who is currently obsessed with Android development.  My degree is in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and I worked in embedded firmware for a few years before switching over to mobile development.  I’m currently a Google Developer Expert for Android, and Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 for 2016.

I love how mobile development still allows me to play with hardware; it’s just hardware that is already in the hands of millions of people!  My mobile development interests are varied, from unique form factors like Google Glass, to creating accessible applications, to constraints of devices in emerging markets.  I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned by speaking at local meetups and international conferences alike.

Outside of programming, I enjoy playing in the Rocky Mountains, music, ballet, personal finance and pretty much anything Pokemon-related.

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