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Jackson JSON Parser

Parsing a JSON response into a Java object is a super common task in Android development.  If you are fortunate enough to have a well-formed JSON response that would make sense being modeled directly as a Java object, then using a … Continue reading

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Fragmented Episode 43

I’m super excited to share that I was on the Fragmented Podcast again, this time for their Google I/O special.  Kaushik interviewed several amazing Android developers over the course of two podcasts, and I am honored to be listed next … Continue reading

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Google I/O 2016

I just got back from a FANTASTIC week in Mountain View for Google I/O 2016! It was my 3rd I/O (I went in 2015 and 2014), and I think it was my favorite. I was skeptical about getting sunburned in the … Continue reading

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Fragmented Episode 40

I am very excited to share that I was on Episode 40 of Fragmented! Fragmented is an excellent podcast run by Kaushik Gopal and Donn Felker, two amazing Android developers. They interview other Android developers and chat about everything Android. … Continue reading

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Droidcon Italy

In April I had the extreme honor of speaking at Droidcon Italy, in the beautiful city of Torino!  It was fantastic to see old developer friends I’ve met at other European conferences, and meet several new ones.  I’ve also now officially … Continue reading

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Accessibility Testing on Android

I published a blog post today on the thougbot technical blog about four simple ways you can test your Android app’s accessibility. Check it out over here!

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Droidcon SF & 40 Under 40

A few weeks ago I had a whirlwind two days, attending the Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 awards ceremony Thursday evening, then flying off that night to Droidcon San Fransisco where I spoke on Friday!  It was epic, but … Continue reading

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React Native on Android: Styling the Cursor

As you may have noticed by recent tweets, I’ve been exploring a little React Native.  I’ve got a few massive overview posts in the making, but for now I just wanted to share a quick tip about styling. Recently I … Continue reading

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Circle CI and

              Recently I was working on getting a Circle CI build up and running for an Android project, and ran into a bit of trouble getting it to work with my file.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Android Developer Perf Matters

Early this year I made my debut on the thoughtbot blog Giant Robots Smashing into Other Robots!  For my first post, I chose to write about how Android developers can make their development process more efficient. Check out my top tips … Continue reading

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