I enjoy sharing my technical knowledge with others, whether at a local tech meetup or an international conference. Please contact me on Twitter if you would like me to speak at your event!

Upcoming Talks

  • None… yet! ūüôā




  • Dec 2015: Technically Speaking – Cohosted interview w/ David Zwieback
  • Dec¬†2015: AnDevCon Santa Clara – Accessibility in Action
  • Nov 2015: Denver Droids –¬†Android Internal Library Dependency Management
  • Oct 2015: Droidcon London – Accessibility
  • Oct 2015: Big Android BBQ¬†– Android Internal Library Dependency Management
  • Aug 2015: 360 iDev – Conference Proposal Writing, from Brainstorm to Submit (Facilitator)
  • Jul¬†2015:¬†AnDevCon Boston¬†– Accessibility in Action Workshop
  • Jul 2015:¬†Women Who Code Denver¬†– Intro to Android Workshop
  • Jun 2015: Colorado Technology Association Women in Technology Conference¬†– Luminary Leader
  • Jun 2015:¬†DroidCon Berlin¬†–¬†Accessibility in Action
  • Jun 2015: Google I/O 2015 –¬†Google I/O Livestreamed Interview with Women Techmakers’ Natalie Villalobos
  • Apr 2015: Aetna DevelopU – Managing Digital Presence
  • Apr 2015: University of Colorado, at Denver Wonder Women of STEM – Panelist
  • Mar¬†2015: Aetna African American Employee Resource Group –¬†Managing Digital Presence
  • Mar 2015: GDG Denver¬†&¬†Denver Droids –¬†Accessibility in Action
  • Mar¬†2015: GDG Boulder –¬†Panic at the Hackathon
  • Mar 2015: Women Who Code Denver -What the Heck is a Hackathon? (Moderator)
  • Feb 2015: Aetna Strategies for Success Women’s Leadership Webinar – Managing Digital Presence

2014 & earlier

  • Nov 2014: Women Who Code Denver – Landing Your Dream Job in Tech¬†(Moderator)
  • Sep 2014: Denver Startup Week¬†–¬†Google Glass, Wearable Computing and More¬†(Panelist)
  • Jul 2014: Women Who Code Denver – Exploring Google Glass
  • Jan 2014: Boulder Android – CES 2014: Android and Wearable Technology
  • Sep 2012: University of Colorado, at Boulder College of Engineering – ¬†Seminar on Diversity in the Workplace(Panelist)